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Friday, December 30, 2011

Kids Vs Cats

It's not that I don't like kids- in fact, I like them a lot when they belong to other people. 

But I know how happy people's kids make them- and that makes me happy.   But if I have to hear all about little Joey's first tooth and how so and so doesn't like peas, then you have to listen to my b.s. about my furry kids.  It's only fair....  :)

Little Gino

Baby Gino and Penelope (she kind of reminds me of a werewolf in this pic, right?!)

I have always had pets- even when growing up.  Of course, my one dog ran away to a "farm" (you know there's TONS of farms in boston- but that's a story for another day (you're safe for now Mom!).  Once we came home unexpectedly with our first cat after a dinner with my parents friends though, I was hooked.  I'm no animal snob- I love them all- but the freedom a cat offers is so different than a dog.  You can go away, leave some food and water out and no harm, no foul.  My first pet of my own was Wonka who I got from a friend of a friend when I was 20 and in college.  I always joked that if Wonka could talk- a lot of people would have to pay him off (you know who you are!).  After 19 yrs together, he was diagnosed with chronic renal failure.  For the next 2 months, I did what I could to keep him comfortable and happy.  A friend with a heart of gold even gave me what she had left of costly medication that hadn't saved her beloved feline.  I should have seen this as a sign but instead, I was just extremely grateful for her generosity.  When he died, my house wasn't the same- even Penelope, my 13 yrs old part Maine Coon cat was distraught.  For several weeks she zombified around the house, crying, looking behind the stove- breaking my heart.  I relayed this info to a friend (who I refer to as Gino's god mom- since she brought him into my life)- and next thing you know, Gino Pepperoni Leone was part of the clan.  As young as he is (he just turned one), he has become a huge part of the household... or maybe the household has become a part of him.  I tend to think the latter is the truest.  With pets, there are no pretensions, no familial obligation, no game playing- if they don't want to come lie down by your side, they just won't.  Our pets see us at our worst, our laziest, in tragedy or triumph- yet they are our constant, the ones who are there for it all.  They don't judge, they don't criticize and love you unconditionally like only an animal can.  As I sit here writing this, Gino is taking a nap while pressed up behind me on the chair I'm sitting in.  You know, because this is apparently the only chair in this place- but I consider it an honor.  Those of you with your own furry mute friends get it- life just wouldn't be the same without them.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What's so great about winter?!

Those of you who know me know that i am definitely a warm weather person.  A day in the sun slathered in coconut oil with a few drinks and scandal mags by my side- and i could sit my a$$ there until the sun goes down.  I am usually one of the first people at the beach and one of the last- my beach association on Winnipesaukee is practically family.  This year, my last swim was in October at Good Harbor Beach with a random Gloucester fisherman who strutted by my lounge chair and said "this might be the last time, let's go".  And off we went, me and this strange fisherman into the sea.  Fast forward to the here and now... it's the end of December and it's a balmy 50 degrees.  Yet some people are seeking out the man made snow up north- as crazy it is seems.  These people that actually ENJOY the snow and ice and frolic in it- I find that impossible to relate to.  In fact, it sends a absolute shudder down my spine- or was that hoarded coconut oil  my skin just threw up at the thought of the frigid cold?!   My idea of a nice winter night is sitting in a steaming jacuzzi, beverage in hand and shaking my head in disbelief at those people careening down the mountain.  But to each his own I guess.  In honor of the much dreaded winter storms that may get here eventually, here are some of my fave things that give me hope until spring.

* truffle oil (because if you're going to stay out of the cold and cook at home, you deserve it!)
* bonfires (roasted chestnuts and limoncello with the heat from a raging fire on your face- thumbs up)
* jasmine vanilla body lotion from Bath & Body works (so creamy with a slight bit of greeeeze and that scent is just insane)
* cake vodka (just cuz)
* my slow cooker (nothing beats throwing a bunch of stuff in one pot to cook all day and then going off on your merry way- it's kinda like a butler who doesn't speak but your dinner is ready when you get home- awesome)
* downloading a bunch of new music off itunes (music always cheers me up!)
* friends that put up with me endlessly bitching about how much I hate winter

That's all for now