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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Planning Your Wake Before You Die

So those of you who know my Mom know that she has a funny yet morbid streak to her (hmmm, I wonder where I get mine...).  As odd as it sounds, she likes to joke about her wake and who will attend and when she meets a friend of mine who she really clicks with, she likes to throw them off guard.  My friend Jessica found this out last summer.  There we were, soaking up the rays at the beach and my mom started up the wake talk, "So Jess, you'll come to my wake, right?"  Good ole Jess didn't even bat an eye, "of COURSE Donna, and I'll even bring my husband!".  My Mom rubbed her hands together in glee "oh good, 2 more definites!"  She has her music planned out and everything- and swears she will haunt me if I don't subject everyone to several hours of Elvis's Greatest Hits and her favorite foods.  And did I mention that she expects all our pets there too?! She even has a few people on her list that I am supposed to refuse entry to- but we won't go there today.  We laugh about it but hey, it's like your last party- why shouldn't you have what you want?!  One day my Mom decided that she really only needed one night vs the standard 2 nites of mourning most deceased receive.  It was at this point that I figured "what the hell, I'm jumping on this band wagon too".  So I made it known that I expect 2 full nights of mourning- hell, maybe even 3- I want all my out of state friends and family to have a chance to get together and reminisce on the good times we had.  My Mom quickly nodded her head in agreement,"Whatever you want honey- I think you deserve a few nights and if I'm still here, we will get Holo Holo charters in Kauai to take everyone out to spread your ashes on each of those 3 days".   Like Mother, like daughter.   Love you Mom!


  1. THAT is hysterical!!! "Oh good, that's two more definites." OMFG!!! Now I want to go to her wake. Is she still accepting attendees? Do I need like a backstage pass to get in?

  2. Deanna, i think i can get u on the list. But u gotta bring a pet. Ya know, to add 2 more definites.

  3. Not only would I like to be put on the VIP list, I'd love to meet her now! Paul will be my +1! My mother and I have been planning for years. All that uncomfortable quietness? Naw, my mother wants music, Elvis for her as well, along with some Garth Brooks, If Tomorrow Never Comes. And maybe some board games. There MUST be food! And we have each promised to act as bouncer at the door ;) You laugh but my Grandmother used to do it! She did NOT hold back either lol!
    Paul and I agreed years ago - he is to be waked at home, in his jeans and tee shirt in the comfort of his living room, pets welcome :) after all the years spent as the dutiful son hauling his Mom around to every single wake funeral and whatnot, he's staying home for that one!!