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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Saving the World- One Pet's Life at A Time

When my longtime feline friend Wonka died of renal failure, my vet broke the news to me that diet had played a huge part in his disease.  For 19 yrs, I thought keeping him well fed was enough- but apparently the pet food companies have been lying to us for years about what exactly is in their products- and animals are getting sick and dying.  Familiar supermarket brands and even a lot of pet store brands are full of so many preservatives, additives, gluten and meal- not real meat.  If the first ingredient in your pet food is meal- that is very very bad.

This is worth the read if you love your pets like I do....

Halo dry cat food (also available for dogs!)

Since my cats have been eating Halo (well, mainly Penelope-at one years old, Halo is all Gino has ever had- thank christ), no one has thrown up and they actually enjoy the taste of this more natural dry food.

Halo's Sensitive Cat Formula of Spot's Stew is an all natural dry cat food that does not have any rendered ("recycled") meat or meat meals, which are legally unfit for human consumption.  It contains USA-grown vegetables and fruits, natural preservatives, and vitamins and minerals. Halo Spot's Stew contains no corn or wheat, which makes it an ideal pet food for cats with food allergies like my girl Penelope (explains her throwing up in the past!).  Spot's Stew includes probiotics, also known as live bacteria to help restore bacterial balance in the intestines. It also includes prebiotics which are special forms of fiber that stimulate growth and function of beneficial bacteria in the intestine.

If you sign up for their email newsletter, you can even score coupons and free cans of wet food for joining their site!

For the love of God, buy yourself a little less wine like I do and spend the extra money on your furry friends.  They deserve it.

In Memory Of Wonka

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